Baltic Trust OÜ is a privately owned company operating in the Baltics and Scandinavia. The main goal of the company is to provide quality and professional workforces in various fields of construction.

We can offer suitable employees for both permanent and seasonal work according to your needs, and we offer workforces for the following jobs:

General constructional works: carpentry work, masonry work, construction of lightweight walls and ceilings, installation of element houses.

Paintworks: plastering, filler pasting, painting, wallpapering, tiling.

Concrete works: concrete floors, inserted ceilings, staircases, concrete beams, walls.

Facade works: timber facades, plate facades, tiled facades.

Roofing works: tin roofs, tiled roofs, flat roofs, bitumen roofs.

Pipeworks: plumbing, water, sewerage.

Project management: planning and designing of a building; preliminary work of designing, application of technical requirements; organising designing, application of a building permit.

Metalworks: welding, construction structures and assembly.

Technical service: maintenance and repair of heavy equipment and special vehicles.